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                   This training center is also trained in the sewing/knitting. This training main aims to producing good and capable manpower in the field of sewing and knitting job. It can be done in inner home also and any age of woman can do it easily. This job is suit for any type of person without any position and not invest any more. Our training Course is aimed to impact maximum practical knowledge & experimence, so as to develop expertise & know how which not only broadens the vision of traditional dress but also helps to increase the innovation skills. Its objective to develop sence and awareness with basic knowledge of sewing and knitting.

Our Training Schedule;

            Stitch,   Napkin,   Cap,   Ryale,   Pan tee,   Peti Bhoto,   Char Pate Petticoat,   ChaPate Petticoat,   Jhawola,   Round Coat,   Half Midi,   Plain Samij, Tight Fitting Samij,   Plain Nighty,   Join Piece Nighty,   VShape Nighty,   4 Piece Samij,   Raglan Nighty,   Plain Frock,   One Piece Nighty,   Baby Frock,   Flade Frock,   Tunic Frock,   Prince Line Frock,   VShape Frock,   Top Midi,   Umbrella Frock,   TwoLayersFrock,   Coat Frock,   Double Umbrella Frock,   Plain Gaun, Join Piece Gaun,   Simple Blouse,   Hi-neck Blouse,   Reglan Blouse,   Plated Blouse,   Tuki Blouse,   Katuri Blouse,   Simple Kurtha,   Simple Suruwal,   Fitting Kurtha,   Pipeing Kurtha,   JoinPiece Suruwal,   Deuda Kurtha,   Deuda Suruwal, A Shape Kurtha,   Parlour Suruwal,   Pakistani Kurtha,   6 Piece Kurtha,   Kaledhar Kurtha,   8 Piece Kurtha,   Frock Style Kurtha,   DauraShape Kurtha,   V Shape Kurtha,   CaubandiKurtha,  Dhoti Suruwal,  Bahule Bhoto,   Simple Suruwal,   Chaubandi Cholo,   Bakhhu,   Divided Skirt,   Wastecoat,   Full Divided Skirt,   Rumper(Children),   Ladies Waste Coat,   Top & Skirt,   Ladies Double Wastecoat,   Simpe Shirt,   Double Collorshirt,   Ramper,   Baba Shirt,   Baba Half Paint,   Ladies T shirt,  Wasier,   Open Shirt,   Ladies Paint,   Summer Coat, Ladies Coat.

Our Services
            This organization have formed to introduce latest trends along with traditional touch. We offer personalized total designing of dress sewing for our Client's Convenience. We offer quality fashionable dresses and fitting dresses.


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