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Triveni's Beauty Parlour

                Triveni's Beauty Parlour is established with objective to develop sense and awareness with basic health tips. It is aimed to provide best and affordable services to our clients upto their complete satisfaction.
We are proud to offer total beauty care. We are expert in;

-Nail file -Face bleach
-Threading -Purming
-Hand Massage -Hand wax
-Leg Massage -Leg wax
-Hair Henna -Manicure
-Hair style -Pedicure
-Hair dressing -Facial
-Face massage -Hump
-Head massage -Model Make up
-Hair dye -Party Make up
-Hand bleach -Mehandi








Keep Yourself Young & Smart

                 We offer complete health treatment. Get advices & guidance regarding your health; beauty...

Hair Styles

                Triveni's Parlour is specialized in Hair Styles. Continious research and innovations in Triveni's Parlour for hair care and styles enables to introduce new hair styles with traditional touch.


                This Parlour is also specilist for facial. Regular research  for facial you will get best result in your beauty.


One of our Specialty includes delicate  make-up that specifically suits theindividuals; weddings & formal, model etc..



                We have established this organization to introduce latest trends along with traditional touch. We offer personalized total Hair, Beauty and Nail Services for our Client's Convenience. We offer quality hairdressing and modern beauty and health services. Some of the features includes;

- Beauty rooms
- Wide range of hair services
- Specialist in weddings and formals
- Excellent Training Programmes for Professional Grooming

Beauticain Training Programme

                  Our Training Programme is modular and designed to impart maximum practical knowledge, so as to develop expertise and know how which not only brodens the vision of traditional beautician but also increase the innovation skills.

Our Training Programme includes;

Professional Grooming Beautician Course
2. Special Beautician Course

Training Schedule

       Our trading Course is aimed to impact maximum practical knowledge & experimence, so as to develop expertise & know how which not only broadens the vision of traditional beautician but also helps to increase the innovation skills.

Courses Content

1st Month 2nd Month

Roller's setting

Hair style

Nail file

Hair dressing

Nail polish

Face massage


Head massage

Hand massage

Hair dye

Leg massage


Hair henna

3rd Month 4th Month

Hand bleach

Hand wax

Face bleach

Leg wax

Hair bleach






5th Month 6th Month



Thursday                            Theory
Friday                                 Hair cutting  

General Beauty Tips
 Tips for oily skin
Tips for dry skin

You'll always feel welcome in our parlour.


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