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Making Process of Henna


Function of henna: Hair papilla nourishes hair pigment and that gives the color to hair. It is a good hair conditioner. It strengthens the roots of hair and gives shining to hair.

Age: After the age of 15 one can have henna.


  1. Good for falling hair.
  2. It is a good conditioner, give luster to the hair.
  3. It strengthens the roots of the hair.
  4. It turns white pigment to brown.
  5. Good for dandruff.
  6. Good for high blood pressure, migrain.
  7. For heart patients it gives cooling effect.
  8. Good for heart strokes
  9. Good for scanty or rough hair and premed hair, blithered hair.
  10. It stimulate blood circulation
  11. It removes tensions, worry, anxiety, fatigue, cornice, insomnia.
  12. It has a sex appeal also.

       2 cups henna

       1 egg white

       2 tsp coffee powder( Nescafe)

       3 big lemons

      1 cup curd (optional)

      3 tsp Tea water


Make the paste to the consistency of tooth paste. Apply henna on the scalp all over and make a cap. At last make a hair line. Leave it for 45 min. to 1 hr. Wash it with shampoo.

Contra indications: For sinus or bronchopneumonia people : avoid curd and lemon add more coffee and egg. Instead of cold water add hot water or tea water and make a paste apply it on hair.

Sit under dryer for 20 25 minutes. Have hot coffee or tea and, Shampoo with hot water. In water add 2 tsp of brandy or rum.

Henna II As dye:


Henna 1 cup

Amla cup

Sugar tbs

Kasha tbs

Coal powder tbs

Coffee powder 2 tbs

Method: Soak them except henna in a vessel over night. Next day boil it for one hour with slow flame. Strain them and take the essence in a bowl. Mix it with henna if you want you can add egg. Apply to the hair and wait for 2 3 hrs. After wards shampoo it.

As conditioner: Henna is also used as conditioner for 10 year old people to 20 year old people.


  1. 1 cup henna + cup curd + 1 lemon juice
  2. 1 cup henna + cup milk + 1 or 2 eggs
  3. 1 cup henna + 2 sp honey + cup milk


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